About Us

Cultural Capability Statement

At The Servant Group LLC. & The Servant Group Cares Corporation, we believe in 5 guiding principles that contribute to our overall cultural capabilities and a culturally inclusive environment. First, respect.  Respect is an integral part of daily life within our organization. We strive to instill a feeling of deep admiration for all those within our community as well as their abilities and their achievements. Second, we believe in the virtue of advocacy.  Our organization supports causes and policies that our members, staff and community hold dear. Third, we believe that communication is also extremely impactful in our world today and our ability to communicate and deliver information is far more advanced than ever before.  Fourth, we believe the founding principles of our organization rest on quality and safety of service.  It is our promise to our staff, members, and community that we protect them from danger, risk or injury.  The quality of our services is based on the paramount belief that our differences are what bring us together and those differences should unite us instead of dividing us. We ensure that our organization values diversity in all facets, including but not limited to the services we deliver, the employees we train, the programs we utilize and the individuals we represent.  Lastly, we believe that we are a reflection of the type of business we run and with that in mind we work hard to ensure that our reflection is something of which we can be proud.