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About Us

Our mission is to help special needs children and adults achieve a level of independence and autonomy they’d not reach elsewhere. The Servant Group, LLC provides medical group homes in which caregivers see the individual beyond the diagnosis and create custom treatment plans to help each realize their full potential, becoming as healthy and
independent as possible.

The Servant Group, LLC (TSG)

The Servant Group, LLC (TSG) is a private healthcare company working with children and adults who are both medically fragile and developmentally delayed. TSG provides licensed medical group homes and community services to members who are ALTC-eligible and have a developmental disability and their family.

TSG is committed to long-term relationships and providing care throughout the life-span, ensuring quality services at all times. The qualified licensed and certified staff work with the member’s Service Planning Team to develop realistic goals and quality medical care plans to meet their maximum potential to achieve their daily living and life skills. Staff also work with the families of those we serve.

TSG’s goal is to assist special needs children and adults in gaining life skills and medical assistance in a supervised environment, where each member is treated with dignity and respect as well as providing longterm
relationships and safety to maximize their full potential to becoming as healthy and independent as possible.

TSG works with The Servant Group Cares Corporation of Arizona (TSG Cares), a registered 501(c)(3) public charitable organization serving the West Valley of the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, to provide
support for adults and children with developmental disabilities and their loved ones, both individually and as a whole. TSG understands for one to thrive, both must thrive.

To learn more about programs and services for families and loved ones of
individuals with developmental disabilities:

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