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Programs & Services

TSG Cares: Support Services for Families


Resource Counseling

Families caring for individuals with autism
and other developmental disabilities at
home may need additional help from time to time to handle challenges. Community services are available for families through the State including assistance for everyday issues as well as help with special needs that arise on a crisis basis, such as when a caregiver is ill or a family is struggling to cope with a child's routine. However, navigating the system to locate services, understand eligibility, apply for help, and coordinate the resources can be
overwhelming for many families. We assist family members in identifying these
community resources and helping to
coordinate acute care services specific to
their individual needs.

In-Home Intervention

Our interventionists provide hands on
support during designated times to teach
family members coping skills and techniques
to improve their home lives within the
environment they live in. Interventionists
assist with issues at home, provide respite
for aid workers, and help families learn
coping skills “in real life”. This encourage
parents to not only “absorb” our learning
materials, but to continue applying the
lessons beyond the learning environment.
This includes in their homes and everyday
lives, in social settings outside the home, in
their relationships with children with DD, and
in their relationships with other family
members or friends. We provide weekly inhome
training but frequency can vary on a
case-by-case basis, as needed. Please
contact us to speak about scheduling your
first session today!


Family Education Classes

Since much of stress is amenable to skilled
self-management, an educational approach
to managing stress is highly effective. We
use psycho-educational programs that
provide emotional support to family through
an educational process that teaches them
to manage their stress through the
processes of explanation, demonstration,
guided practice, and skill workshops. These
programs emphasize teaching loved ones
skills on self-regulation as well as social
interactions with others (i.e. their child or
professionals helping their child). Classes
hold 8-10 family members and are held on
a weekly basis for a course of 8 weeks. Any
caregiver directly involved with impacted
developmental disabled individuals will be
eligible, including but not limited to parents,
grandparents, and siblings.


Office Hours: 
Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

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